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At Audiology Hear Again, we work hard to make sure we provide you with the perfect solution to best fit your individual need. We take great care and pride in our work and enjoy working with our patients, so hearing loss becomes a thing of the past. Read below what our patients say about our work and service.

Elizabeth working with patient Judy Cochrane

“Elizabeth Dare has been my audiologist for nearly two decades. Scarlet fever at five began my lifelong struggle to hear, and I have worn hearing aids for forty-six years. Elizabeth’s dedication and skill have enabled me to avoid the curse of the deaf: isolation. Her continuing education, technological savvy, and focus on my extremely diverse hearing needs have brought me more and more freedom over the years. Currently, I am using two ReSound aids, 3M instruments equipped with Blue Tooth technology, and with the off-hand mike, I haven’t missed one word at church. The phone clip has given me the freedom to have my first cell phone. The sound is incredible!! I am hearing my children, grandchildren, friends, and my students like never before. Elizabeth is truly a gift, and I am so grateful.”
— Catherine Herlin

“We did not realize how much of our life was improved with the careful fitting and adjusting of our hearing aids, and with your patience and professionalism to help us make proper choices. Life and our marriage is much improved.”
—Paul & Jeanne Hollinger, Keno, OR

“It saved my marriage and no, it wasn’t selective hearing.”
—Jeff Burcher, Dorris, CA

“Elizabeth is able and willing. She tries very hard to make me happy. Though I’m not thrilled with having to wear a hearing aids, the little aids are better than any I’ve have had.”
—Kathleen Quinn, Yreka, CA

“... from the first day that I dropped in on you for help, you went out of your way. I know I wouldn’t be wearing hearing aids now without that help. I also saw first hand the kindness and concern that goes out to the many older ones in your care. You treat everyone special.”
—Lois Ugalde, Klamath Falls, OR