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Audiology - Hear Again


Hearing is our job, listening is our pleasure

If you no longer hear as well as you did in the past, don't be afraid or embarrassed about your hearing loss. Today's modern technologies can bring the many sounds of life back to you. Perhaps you're having some trouble understanding the grandchildren, catching the punch line of a joke, missing part of a phone conversation or part of a sermon. It's difficult to know what you are missing because you can't hear, to feel cut off from vital interactions with friends and family, to feel isolated.

Come In And Talk

DrI’ll take the time to assess your hearing situation. The fact is, in most cases, a dramatic improvement can be made in your hearing.

Gallery-1My life work as an audiologist has turned out to be about joy, about bringing happiness. I get to actually help restore some of the joys of hearing!

Most of our clients say, “I don't care what it looks like... I just want to hear.” Call me today and see if I can help improve your hearing. You will find me to be very patient and helpful while you are adjusting to hearing devices. Above all, I want you to be delighted. Simply call or drop by.

—Dr. Elizabeth Dare